Magnet Recruiter Spotlight: Interview with Michelle Nelson

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Michelle Nelson, Nurse Recruiter at  Sarasota Memorial Hospital shares her insight why she is thankful to be a part of this industry, the challenges, and what nurse candidates can do to improve their next career move. 

How long have you worked as a recruiter and what’s been your favorite thing about it so far?
I have been a recruiter for over 20 years, mostly in healthcare but also have worked in sales and financial services recruiting and Insurance recruiting for a brief stint. I love the fact that I get to meet new people every day, I get to help them find their next career move, and at the same time help the hospital find the most qualified applicants for their positions.

– What one thing do you wish candidates would do more of?
I wish they would do more research on the facilities that they are interviewing for, I wish they would come more prepared, and I wish they were less arrogant about their skills set and fully come prepared for an interview. It is shame what some people come to the interview with. Just because there is a shortage in your profession doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be putting your best foot forward.

– As a recruiter, what are the worst mistakes you’ve seen candidates make?
Candidates make mistakes every day. Being overaggressive, calling too many times, applying to positions that they are not qualified for, showing up wearing inappropriate clothes, inappropriate footwear (can’t walk in it). When you are applying for jobs, make sure your email works, your phone works, make sure you answer the phone politely. Take off messages that are “hip”, don’t let it play a song while waiting to answer that is inappropriate, respond to calls. If you call a recruiter and they don’t answer right away, don’t keep calling back until they answer. Your resume – PLEASE get a decent resume. Work with someone on it and have them review it every couple of years.

– What negatively impacts candidates most on social media?
Inappropriate posts, behaviors, if you are interviewing, check your sites and take down anything that would make someone think you have behavior issue’s or attitude.

– What one thing would you tell a candidate to do if they’re serious about working for a Magnet Hospital?
Be prepared to answer questions about what value you will bring to a facility. What would your plans be for research, continuing education, quality measures, and answer all questions asked with using all the same culture awareness that a magnet organization has.

Thank you for your time Michelle!

If you’re interested in learning more about Sarasota Memorial Hospital check out their career page HERE


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